IDEA Consult provides independent advice to organisations and boards at local, intermediary, regional, federal and European levels.
"Thinking Ahead" concisely summarises what we stand for:

  • Driven professionals, involved in society and well connected to knowledge institutions;
  • Evidence-based advice: applied research based on validated techniques
  • Sustainable solutions for current social challenges.

IDEA has a team of 38 employees. As a network organisation, we are connected to a wide group of experts. Strong partners who, together with IDEA, want to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable social development. IDEA's expertise is based on six domains and is deployed in a multidisciplinary manner:

  • Innovation and competitiveness of economic sectors;
  • Labour market and social policy;
  • Urban and regional development
  • Real estate and area development;
  • Circular economy and renewable energy;
  • Tourism, culture and recreation.

The common ambition of the IDEA staff is to translate knowledge into usable solutions for current social challenges. We want to contribute to important transformations in the socio-economic field, to innovations in the field of governance, and to location developments and regional dynamics.