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A skills ecosystem as an engine for regional economic development

The right skills for innovation are a crucial ingredient for the economic development of regions. For this reason, IDEA Consult is therefore of the opinion that every regional development strategy must also include a skills strategy. At the same time, labour market-oriented education or training initiatives must ask themselves what innovative trends are taking place in the economic sectors in the region.

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Walloon Smart Specialisation Strategy

IDEA Consult was selected to accompany and support the regional authorities and players of the Walloon innovation ecosystem in their process of redefining the Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3).

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The potential of European industries to become carbon neutral

Becoming carbon neutral and providing job security in the EU are key priorities in the European Green Deal following an efficient resource use to move towards a more circular economy and reducing pollution. As part of a consortium, IDEA Consult will provide theoretical as well as case-study based evidence for the potential of European industries to attain these priority objectives.

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Together stronger: IDEA Consult fostering inter-regional collaboration

IDEA Consult’s support to 18 European Entrepreneurial Regions in identifying and implementing interregional initiatives to speed up innovation has been prolonged by the EC.

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