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Is COVID-19 the final breakthrough of online learning?

At all levels of education for children and training for adults, teachers are making extra efforts to continue reaching their pupils, students and trainees during the “light lockdown”. We will examine how this has affected the sector and reflect on the potential impact moving forward.

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IDEA Consult develops solutions to address some COVID-19 related challenges

IDEA Consult is actively co-developing solutions to address some COVID-19 related industrial challenges. Together with key partners, we have created and launched an EU-wide online environment where healthcare organisations (or other companies) experiencing supply chain problems are able to find 3D printing production facilities that can address their needs!

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The new territory imposed by COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced us into new territory in the space of three months. With working from home, repurposing of industry, public spaces as gyms and 150-cm distance between people, what questions is this situation posing in terms of territorial development?

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IDEA Consult launched the Transition Bulletin

IDEA Consult will be monitoring the developments of the green transition closely. We like to share this knowledge within our network. Therefore, we have created our first Transition Bulletin.

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Dual or twin-track learning: an assessment

After a three-year pilot project, dual learning was finally rolled out in secondary education this school year. IDEA analyses the costs and benefits of dual learning for businesses, industries, training providers and the education networks. The financing model is examined concomitantly.

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Road World Chamionships as a catalyst for cycling in Flanders

In 2021, the Road World Championships will come to Flanders, with Kortrijk, Bruges, Antwerp and Leuven as the host cities. Inspired by this event, Sport Vlaanderen and EventFlanders commissioned IDEA Consult to investigate which innovative policy measures can be used to promote cycling mobility.

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Development of a digital platform for circular economy

To achieve sustainable growth, the EU has developed the new Circular Economy Action Plan which stresses the importance of moving towards a more circular economy.. IDEA Consult is, together with other European partners, developing a platform in the framework of the DigiPrime project to support such greener goals. 

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Reshaping and rewiring European cultural projects and networks

The current crisis is setting a lot of strain on cultural initiatives, and in particular also on international cultural networks and projects, which have been – of course – highly dependent on international travel. At the same time, the crisis offers opportunities to rethink and reshape their practices in a more sustainable way. RESHAPE, a large scale collaborative project, and IETM, the international network for contemporary performing arts are two examples, in which IDEA Consult is involved.

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