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Supporting digital transformation

The digital revolution is transforming our economy rapidly. Digital transformation is associated with increased productivity and higher value-added, but at the same time it brings along important challenges. IDEA Consult is one of the companies at the forefront to support industry and policy makers in this digital transformation and to tackle these challenges.

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How to make performing arts practices and policies more ecologically sustainable?

During #IETMRijeka, Joris Janssens animated a workshop for our associate members about behaviour change in the performing arts, in the light of the ecological crisis and climate change. Here the lessons learnt during the workshop.

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IDEA's blueprint for an "Investment Platform for the Arctic regions of Finland, Sweden and Norway"

IDEA Consult has released its blueprint for an Artic Investment Platform in the so-called ‘Northern Sparsely Populated Areas’ (NSPA, Northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland). The blueprint contains three key messages defining further implementation.

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Charleroi Métropole, the first geen belt of Brussels

After many years of research regarding its redevelopment, Charleroi Métropole now has the wind in its sails. IDEA Consult has developed a territorial development plan for the future, in consultation with the 29 municipalities of the Métropole, based on a link with the areas of richness, an intensity of green and blue, and the resilient organisation of its territory as a whole.

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