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IDEA Consult offers support to Flemish spearhead clusters for the submission of proposals for innovation projects

In the past year, IDEA Consult has identified potential cooperation opportunities between the six Flemish spearhead clusters in three areas of transition (Industry 4.0, Energy, and Circular Economy). In the meantime, four specific cooperation projects, that each have a major economic and social impact, were developed and proposals submitted for funding.

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Towards the next STEM action plan

IDEA Consult is currently evaluating the 2012-2020 STEM action plan and developing a blueprint for its successor.

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What are the costs of litter and fly-tipping in Flanders?

Dumping waste seems like a quick and cheap solution. At the request of OVAM, the Public Waste Agency of Flanders, IDEA Consult calculated how much litter and illegally dumped waste was collected in 2017 and how much this directly caused the authorities to spend on clean-up and dissuasion campaigns.

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2015-2017 residential market observatory

The Brussels property market, in which single-family houses are a niche market, is excessively expensive and incomes are decreasing in the region.

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Heritage houses for Europe

The first pan-European study by IDEA Consult and partners on the role of private owners in safeguarding, opening up and sustainably valorising heritage houses across Europe.

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