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IDEA Consult charts the importance of the blue economy for Flanders

Over the years, IDEA Consult has developed a solid methodology for calculating the (direct, indirect and induced) economic impact of investments, projects or organisations and their financial return to the government(s). Currently, IDEA Consult is working on the assessment of the economic and societal impact of the blue economy in the region of Flanders, Belgium, on behalf of the Blue Cluster.

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The SDGs in the 2019-2024 municipal administrative agreements

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have appeared in the administrative agreements of the Flemish cities and municipalities for the 2019-2024 legislature. IDEA Consult found a reference to the SDGs in 39% (21 texts) in an analysis of 54 administrative agreements. In 4 out of 5 cases, it was still limited to just one text reference. Genk’s administrative agreement ranks first with four references to the SDGs.

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Feasibility study of an ex-ante impact assessment of political parties’ environmental proposals in the context of election programmes in Flanders

Various political parties formulate measures in their election programmes which that they want to implement in the following legislature related to environment, renewable energy, climate, urban planning. A systematic ex-ante impact assessment of these measures has not yet been done in Flanders. The aim of this study, which is being carried out on behalf of the Flemish Government, Department of the Environment, is to assess the feasibility of such an assessment.

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Flanders and its cities: growing into a stronger partnership

IDEA Consult introduced a new vision on the Flemish Urban Policy on cities at the request of the Flemish government’s Agentschap Binnenlands Bestuur (Home Affairs Agency). The final report on this came about as an active coproduction between a team of academic experts, stakeholders from the cities, colleagues from the urban policy team and Flemish Urban Policy working groups.

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How can urban agriculture influence the future of your building projects?

Urban agriculture is a mainstay of risk management for building projects. Find out why.

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Welcome to the House of Sports

Since this year, the ID-House hosts the House of Sports. We had a conversation with Alberto Bichi, Executive Director of the European Platform for Sport Innovation (EPSI). His aim is to bring together even more organisations within the House of Sports and from this synergy to become a hotspot in the European ecosystem around sport.

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