Webinar: How do we achieve more with our money?

Webinar: How do we achieve more with our money?

“Spending Review” as a catalyst for an efficient government: how do we achieve more with our money?

Webinar 11th of March 2021, 12h to 13h.

The various corona waves are causing larger and historical budget deficits. Governments at all levels therefore face a particular challenge to enable economic recovery on the one hand, and to control budgets and return to financial balance on the other. This is precisely why policymakers are focusing on cutting less effective spending. Spending reviews have a longer tradition in countries like the Netherlands and Denmark. Deloitte, Idea Consult and Panteia will guide the Flemish Government in the coming years in evaluating the social added value of expenses in all policy areas. During a webinar for policymakers, we will not only explain our methodology, but we will also provide insight into good practices from Denmark and the Netherlands. We will also make recommendations on how to make a budget more policy-targeting. Participation in the webinar is free of charge, but registration is required. (https://web-eur.cvent.com/event/7bbe81f5-6595-4891-85c7-af2b35f88c02/summary)

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