New project development and management service

New project development and management service

Inspired by our clients

In recent years, clients have increasingly turned to IDEA for support during the project execution phase. The establishment of MONDEA and Value Partners within the IDEA Group were the logical consequence of this.
From 2020 onwards, IDEA wants to extend this approach across the board, in all its substantive key areas. The aim here is to help shape innovation in the economy and in society through innovative projects.

Always motivated by impact

The ambition to extend our range of services has a dual motive. On the one hand, IDEA is interested in increasing its impact and transposing social change into strong projects. On the other hand, customers are increasingly requesting our support for the development and management of robust project proposals.

How does IDEA make the difference?

We want to be more than just process consultants. More specifically, our experts can help shape the content. We prefer to talk about content-based project development and management. This means that IDEA solely focuses on those themes and markets where its expertise can make a difference. We extend our value chain, but continue to focus on the new economy, modern governance and vibrant places.

At the same time, we approach project ideas like a business case that we then fine-tune together with our clients. And we also think about relevant partners and supplementary or alternative financing options.

A flying start to your project

We are currently assisting various authorities and partnerships, from the local to European level. This dynamic has given rise to various questions and project ideas that we can put into practice. While working for knowledge institutions, we also noticed that strong ideas and concepts are insufficiently translated into economic added value.

This service also enables us to tap into a wide network of potential project partners, giving us a good idea of financing options. In any event, the new European multiannual financial framework and the structural funds provide plenty of oxygen to get started.

For more information, please contact Björn Koopmans or Tristan de Jong.