‘House of Sports’: boosting synergies in the European sports ecosystem

‘House of Sports’: boosting synergies in the European sports ecosystem

The House of Sport (HoS) is the heart of the sport family in Brussels! It is strategically located in the centre of the European Quarter between the European Parliament and the European Commission, within walking distance from the Directorate General Education and Culture - in charge of sport - as well as the Executive Agency dealing with all Erasmus+ projects. In other words, one could not find a better location when dealing with Sport at the European Level.

Alberto, can you explain us the House of Sports?

The House of Sports was established back in 2015 by, among others, the European Platform for Sport Innovation (EPSI, www.epsi.eu). This year, we opened new premises in Rue Joseph II n°40 following a strategic collaboration agreement sealed with IDEA Consult and IDEA House.

What is the link with IDEA Consult?

Our aim is to promote and strengthen collaborations among organisations operating in the realm of sport and to foster European projects in the field of Sport. This is why the collaboration with IDEA Consult is of strategic relevance since it allows EPSI and the HoS partners to engineer, create and kick start a great variety of European projects in the field of sport.

Who are the main partners?

Today, the HoS is a consolidated reality composed by various sport organisations - including ACES Europe (European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation) and EurEthICS Training Academy just to name some - which have also decided to establish their headquarters in the House of Sport premises.

What are the objectives?

The core objective is to reunite all sport organisations from all over Europe so as to share resources, create synergies and ultimately coordinate joint activities that could benefit the entire sport ecosystem. Eventually the HoS partnership raises awareness on the benefits of sport and physical activity, as well as tries to promote and strengthen collaborations in the realm of sport.

In fact, the HoS is a hub for sport organisations to embrace further knowledge and good practices, as well as promoting network opportunities and business creation among its members and beyond especially in all the neighbouring economic sectors such as tourism, transport, education heath and many more.

You also think about events?

Indeed, the HoS partners also plan common events in close collaboration with the European Institutions, national, regional as well as local public and private authorities. In this regard, EPSI with the backing of the HoS partners, will organise the CO-INNOVATE IN SPORT Conference in July 2019 to explore innovations in relation to new technologies in the sports ecosystem. More information on https://epsi.eu/co-innovate-in-sport-2019/.

Other ambitions in the near future?

In the future, the HoS aims to continuously grow the number of sport organisations willing to collaborate in an open, democratic and transparent manner with a shared open spaces office structure. the HoS aspires to stimulate a cross-sectorial and cross regional cooperation system based on each other high-class expertise, top of the art infrastructures and superior knowledge by identifying and fostering strategic synergies amongst the different sectors and the different partners.
Hence, the HoS seeks to remain at the forefront in the sport sector in Europe by embracing an holistic and innovative approach with an ever rising number of organisations and events joining not only the sport ecosystems but also the other impacted economic sectors.

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www.epsi.eu for more information on EPSI, the House of Sports and the co-innovate in sport conference in July 2019.

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