From SDG Pioneer to SDG Champion, in an active collaboration with all IDEA stakeholders

From SDG Pioneer to SDG Champion, in an active collaboration with all IDEA stakeholders

On 16 November 2023, the partnership IDEA consult entered into in 2020 with CIFAL Flanders was awarded the SDG Pioneer certificate. CIFAL Flanders is the training and expertise centre recognised by the United Nations for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The certificate was awarded on the basis of specific internal initiatives, such as an employee welfare policy, a bee hotel, solar panels and green mobility. Externally, IDEA Consult focuses on sustainable projects for clients and is the driving force behind the SDG Monitor, which allows Flemish municipalities to evaluate their position in relation to the 17 SDGs.

"We are proud of what we have achieved." Says Bart Van Herck, managing director at IDEA: "The choice to be a sustainable organisation is one of the employees themselves. The actions and drive comes very strongly from below. So big thanks to all the colleagues and especially to our sustainability team".

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To be continued.

The SDG Pioneer Certificate is not an end point, but an intermediate step in IDEA Consult's sustainability transformation. Bart van Herck stresses, "In the coming years, we want to continue our sustainability integration and also actively involve our external stakeholders." This will translate concretely into:

  • The structural embedding of sustainability in on-boarding & training programmes of our employees who in turn will work as ambassadors with our clients.
  • Expansion of services to all public organisations that want to become more sustainable. Several Flemish municipalities and cities are already on a Pioneer trajectory with IDEA and CIFAL - the city of Harelbeke has even already entered the Champion phase - but we also want to enthuse other public organisations to set a good example.
  • An annual sustainability report in which we will share our progress on sustainability integration with employees, administrators and clients. We will therefore start 2024 by identifying the SDGs where we can generate the greatest impact, based on a materiality analysis.

We call on all our stakeholders and interested organsiations to be part of this transition. Sustainability is not just a goal; it is a shared responsibility and a source of collective strength.

Follow our newsletter for more information on our materiality analysis and a call for participation in our stakeholder panels.

Interested in getting involved with your organisation yourself? Then contact Birgit Verspeek,

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Birgit Verspeek
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