Building the digital school: from ICT coordinator to ICT team

Building the digital school: from ICT coordinator to ICT team

Corona accelerated the digital transformation in education. In order to support the Digisprong action plan of the Flemish government, IDEA Consult is working on the two-year project 'Digital transformation in Flemish education: reforming the ICT teams in schools'. This project is funded by the European Union via the Technical Support Instrument (TSI) and implemented in cooperation with the European Commission.

The second report in this project was recently published on KlasCement:

It describes all tasks involved in ICT coordination in schools, in 4 clusters: technical tasks, pedagogical-didactical tasks, policy and vision, and administrative tasks. It then proposes a new model of team ICT coordination, developed on the basis of research into existing good practices. Finally, it contains guidelines for school leaders and ICT coordinators who wish to make the transition to more team-oriented ICT coordination at school.

In the school year '22-'23, these guidelines will be tested in five school groups/communities, in a total of 15 schools.

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