Research & analysis

Research and policy advice play a central role in the services we offer as a research-based consulting agency. IDEA research is both quantitatively and qualitatively substantiated. Our advice is solutions-oriented and aimed at creating added value for clients.

The result is that IDEA's research and advice stands out from that of others due to:

  • Its societal relevance: Our research tackles the big challenges of the future such as the innovation capacity of the European economy, demographic changes, climate change, sustainable rural and urban development;
  • The use of strong and proven scientific methodologies from research into literature, quantitative analysis, surveys of in-depth interviews, workshops and focus groups in order to obtain a good understanding of what works (and what doesn't), how it works, why and under which conditions.
  • Its interactive approach. We draw on the insights of a broad group of players in order to guarantee a lack of bias in the process and the completeness and the accuracy of the conclusion.

Range of services:

  • Policy analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Sector and cluster analysis
  • Competitiviness analysis
  • Economic analysis

Reference projects

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