Thematic Smart Specialisation Platforms on Industrial Modernization

Thematic Smart Specialisation Platforms on Industrial Modernization

Many regions do not have enough capacity to cope on their own with broad societal challenges. These expert contracts are targeted at giving expert advice and support in developing a 'scoping note' and related activities. The aim of this scoping note is to start a partnership for co-investment in the exploration of new value chains in a specific area, in the context of the thematic smart specialisation platform on Industrial Modernization. The purpose of the scoping note is to identify and specify an area for co-investment, with high potential business and societal return at regional and European level, leveraged through combining smart specialisation investments across committed regions and bringing their cluster and innovation actors together. The scoping note will therefore also focus on the interested partner-regions (as well as interested businesses and R&I communities) and their motivations.


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