Supporting cultural entrepreneurship in Flanders: status and needs analysis

Supporting cultural entrepreneurship in Flanders: status and needs analysis

In 2018 the Flemish support organization ‘Kunstenloket’ – that used to provide business support for artists - transformed into ‘Cultuurloket’. This transformation included an important extension of the target group (to the whole culture sector) and the support services provided.

In this project IDEA Consult and the Antwerp Management School map the current state of play of entrepreneurship in the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) in Flanders and analyse the needs with regard to entrepreneurship support of organisations and individuals working in the cultural sector. Based on the detected entrepreneurship needs, the new ‘Cultuurloket’ wants to finetune its services. The mapping is conducted on the basis of an online survey targeting individuals and organisations working in the Arts (including Applied Arts), Cultural Heritage, Circus and Socio-Cultural Work. The survey results will be validated through a number of focus groups with stakeholders in the CCS in Flanders, such as sector-specific support organisations and federations. The results of the study will be presented at the official opening event of Cultuurloket in March 2019.


  • Intermediate and private organisations

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