Support to the New Nano-Enabled Products pilot within the Vanguard Initiative

Support to the New Nano-Enabled Products pilot within the Vanguard Initiative

The Vanguard Initiative “New Nano-Enabled Products ” pilot project's aim is to create an industrial ecosystem based on nanotechnology and to set up pilot production facilities for nano-enabled products cross-regionally. Nanotechnology, a key enabling technology, can be used in numerous applications areas making the pilot a key project to intensify cross-regional collaboration across the nanotechnology value chain. Products based on nanocomponents have difficulties in becoming market ready. Therefore, the pilots objective is to bring prototypes to production.

The pilot is led by Skåne (SE) and Emilia-Romagna (IT), and counts with the participation of 12 other regions including Asturias (ES), Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (FR), Baden-Württemberg (DE), East-Netherlands (NL), Flanders (BE), Navarra (ES), Norte (PT), North Rhine Westphalia (DE), South Netherlands (NL), Tampere (FI), Wales(UK) and Wallonia (BE).

IDEA Consult has supported the New Nano-Enabled Products pilot project within the Vanguard Initiative with support for the coordination of the pilot activities. These include: (i) operational activities, (ii) funding sourcing, (iii) demo case development, (iv) initiation of new demo cases and (v) support cross-pilot activities.


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