Study on Access of SMEs to KETs technological infrastructure

Study on Access of SMEs to KETs technological infrastructure

The policy objective of this study is to foster SMEs' competitiveness, growth and innovation capacity across the European Union, by facilitating their access to technology services and/or facilities provided by KETs technology infrastructures enabling them to develop KETs-based products and applications. The deduced objective of the study is to enable SMEs to get an easy overview on European technology infrastructure’s services and facilities by improving and updating the existing inventory of related organizations. A further objective is to prepare the setting up of new collaboration networks of TIs in the field of KETs with one-stop shop access for SMEs. It aims to provide evidence on the feasibility and European added-value of such networks and to foster the emergence of new networks. The study will demonstrate whether and how collaboration networks of KETs TIs with one-stop shop access are expected to significantly contribute to reach this policy objective, devoting specific attention to the geographical coverage of the networks.


  • European Commission

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