Strenghtening Research & Innovation Systems in Europe

Strenghtening Research & Innovation Systems in Europe

From 2020 to 2024, IDEA Consult – together with partner organisations ECORYS, EFIS and PPMI - will support the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility for Research & Innovation Policy to help Member States and Horizon 2020 associated countries to strengthen their Research & Innovation Systems through three different type of services: Peer Reviews, Mutual Learning Exercises and Specific Support to Countries. 

To successfully support countries in their transformation processes and addressing the economic, social and environmental challenges that Europe will face over the coming years, IDEA Consult and her partner organizations can build on a large pool of highly competent and experienced experts who can be matched to the specific needs of Member States, Associated Countries and the European Commission.

The support to the Policy Support Facility will build on an Open Innovation System framework, that has been developed and already successfully been applied by the consortium partners. This framework builds on the National Innovation systems (NIS) approach but extends it with related external factors that influence the NIS from an international perspective such a global demand, global value chains dynamics, resource prices / availability. The framework will help to understand the complexity of factors that influence innovation at national and international level.

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