Stocktaking on Policy Initiatives and Funding Programmes for Technology Infrastructures (TIs)

Stocktaking on Policy Initiatives and Funding Programmes for Technology Infrastructures (TIs)

IDEA Consult, together with lead partner Technopolis group, is carrying out a study to gather evidence-based information and a cross-cutting overview of existing policy initiatives, funding programmes and instruments, or other mechanisms such as specific legal acts and/or ownership arrangements, and public and private investment plans (if they exist) which aim to mobilise and support the creation, construction, improvements and upgrades of technology infrastructures. The overview and analysis will cover the EU, national and regional levels in all EU Member States (27) and will enable a better understanding of the Technology Infrastructures funding landscape at EU level.

This study will assess the policy landscape for Technology Infrastructures in the EU-27 countries and produce a dedicated country fiche that will include an analysis on the policy and funding streams available and of the possibilities to combine them, highlighting best practices, showcasing relevant cases, identifying gaps in the funding landscape, and identifying the main challenges faced by policy makers and stakeholders involved.

The study will also comprise 5 benchmark analysis that will identify best practices and relevant cases that can support the possible development of a new EU approach to Technology Infrastructures. A cross analysis will complement the analysis and provide input and recommendations for the policy development and possible creation of dedicated funding streams and mechanisms to support Technology Infrastructures.

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Kris Boschmans (Ph.D.)
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