“Put citizens in the picture: arts facilitating knowledge valorisation”: a webinar co-organised by IDEA Consult

“Put citizens in the picture: arts facilitating knowledge valorisation”: a webinar co-organised by IDEA Consult

Between October 2021 and March 2022, IDEA Consult embarked on a new exciting research trajectory: a study on ‘Fostering knowledge valorisation through the arts and cultural institutions’. The study was commissioned by the DG RTD of the European Commission and aimed at examining conditions, support mechanisms and policy instruments that would enable the arts and cultural organisations, in collaboration with researchers, industry and civil society actors, to play an important role in the uptake of research-based solutions.

In order to disseminate the main findings of the study and create momentum, a dedicated webinar was scheduled during the EU Knowledge Valorisation Week, which took place in an online format between March 29th and April 1st. The webinar, titled “Put citizens in the picture: arts facilitating knowledge valorisation”, reflected on how the arts can stimulate the transformation of (research-based) knowledge into innovative solutions and how they can activate co-creation processes for more impactful research, by building bridges with other knowledge valorisation actors.

The session was moderated by Vassilis Charalampidis, Artistic Director of BIOS & President of European Creative Hubs Network, and was opened by a presentation of the main results of the study by Isabelle De Voldere, IDEA Consult (study leader). Isabelle highlighted some of the key messages that the study aims to convey:

  • Fostering knowledge valorisation with the arts can happen in all phases of the knowledge chain or knowledge flow – from formulating the right research questions through communicating about new research results or innovations to transforming data and research results into sustainable products and solutions that benefit society.
  • Artists and cultural organisations dispose of a unique set of competencies – artistic skills, art thinking methods, artworks - to increase the valorisation of knowledge coming from research in society.
  • A number of obstacles still stand and hinder the creation of multi-actor collaborations, above all:
  • silo thinking at actor and ecosystem level;
  • a lack of awareness of the impact that the involvement of the arts can generate on valorisation processes;
  • the absence of valorisation frameworks and indicators that foster the activation of such collaborations (especially at the level of research institutes and industry);
  • the difficulty of finding platforms and opportunities to meet all these different actors;
  • The role of policy makers (at Member State and EU level) in creating the needed conditions to overcome these obstacles is crucial. They have a set of policy instruments that can incentivize systemic change in the way the arts and cultural organisations are involved in knowledge valorisation processes.

During the webinar, two of the eight case studies developed in the study were presented:

  • ARTIFICARE – CONNECTING ARTS-BASED PROCESSES AND THE INNOVATION AND COMPETITIVENESS OF ENTERPRISES, represented by Fabrizio Panozzo, Professor at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and Associate Scholar of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management in Brussels.

Both cases show how the arts and cultural institutions contribute to knowledge uptake.

The main final messages from the presenters to the audience regarded the need to open the innovation ecosystem to cultural/creative actors and citizens, to start more co-creative trajectories and to increase creativity and awareness at policy level.

à Watch the recording of the session here (timeslot 10:45-11:30): https://webcast.ec.europa.eu/eu-knowledge-valorisation-week-2022-day-three.

à The study, including the in-depth case studies, will soon be published on the website of the European Commission (DG RTD).

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