Perform Europe, a much-needed project to reimagine international touring in a more sustainable way

Perform Europe, a much-needed project to reimagine international touring in a more sustainable way

Perform Eruope is a 18-month project commissioned by the European Commission (DG Education and Culture), in a Consortium with IETM, the leading partner, EFA-European Festival Association, Circostrada Network, EDN-European Dancehouse Network and IDEA Consult. Perform Europe’s aim is to rethink cross-border touring and distribution in a more sustainable, inclusive and balanced way and to pilot a new EU support scheme for the cross-border distribution of performing arts works, available in the 41 countries covered by the Creative Europe programme. 

IDEA Consult is leading Work Package 1 on Mapping and Research. The objective of this Work Package is to create a solid knowledge basis in preparation for the design and implementation of the pilot scheme, to be launched in June 2021. Based on large consultations with 41 country correspondents, desk research, interviews and several Brainstorms and workshops with experts and performing arts professionals, we are in the process of finalising the overall mapping and research. The Work Package will result in a comprehensive and in-depth gap analysis, where a series of gaps resulting from the discrepancies between the current and the desired state is followed by a number of recommendations to bridge the gaps.  

Perform Europe believes that sustainability, in its various senses, must be at the base and heart of the (cross-border) distribution of performing arts. That is why the conceptual framework for our gap analysis is represented by the five values of sustainability, developed in the context of the ‘Rewiring the Network’ project: human, social, artistic, ecological, economic. In the context of the gap analysis, specific gaps have been identified against each of the sustainability values. 

Finally, the project is being developed also with a view to providing policy recommendations on how such a support scheme can become part of Creative Europe 2021-2027. 

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