Moving toward a regional library for Meetjesland?

Moving toward a regional library for Meetjesland?

The 14 libraries of the Meetjesland (East Flanders) have been working together for some time already and with the co-operation of IDEA Consult are well underway to becoming the first "regiobib" or regional library of Flanders. Under the motto of ‘collaboration is good for everyone', the Bibliotheken Meetjesland, under the impulse of the province had already been working together for many years within the COMEET inter-municipal partnership. For instance in the field of library promotion, reading improvement campaigns, knowledge and exchange experience, etc. With the assistance of IDEA Consult they are now moving toward further reaching collaboration and a better spread of the services. New areas of collaboration are the collection policy, optimum deployment of library workers and the lending policy. All this is in direct consultation with all librarians and in close consultation with the policy-makers.


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