MORE4: Fourth study on mobility and career paths of researchers in Europe

MORE4: Fourth study on mobility and career paths of researchers in Europe

For the fourth time in a row, IDEA Consult and its international partners support the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation) in evidence-based policy development on the research profession in Europe.

In MORE4, the indicators of the previous MORE studies are updated, improved and further developed in order to meet the need for indicators over time and assess the impact on researchers of policy measures introduced during the implementation of the EPR (European Partnership for Researchers). Focus lies on the mobility, career paths, working conditions and remuneration of researchers in Europe. The indicator framework thus builds evidence for European policy makers on the factors that help or barriers that impede improving the attractiveness of the European Research Area.

Our methodological approach combines a literature study of EU policies on researchers and mobility with the individual researchers’ opinions in two large-scale surveys. In total we aim to collect information from 11 000 researchers in Europe and 2 000 researchers working outside Europe. The survey information will be complemented by available data from existing sources such as Eurostat, OECD, etc. The resulting indicators are representative at country level for the EU Member States and internationally comparable. The indicators will be made available in an online indicator tool on the MORE4 website (under construction).

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