Monitoring the performance of EU industry and industrial ecosystems

Monitoring the performance of EU industry and industrial ecosystems

IDEA Consult together with lead partner Technopolis Group, Fraunhofer ISI, PWC, WAAT, KAPA research and OPIX, is currently carrying out a study to effectively and efficiently support the implementation of the EC’s industrial strategy. A monitoring framework will be implemented, based on the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) platform, but extending its scope to an ‘observatory of EU industry and industrial ecosystems across the EU and in the Member States’ platform. This platform will serve DG GROW and other Commission services as well as Industrial Forum members and R&I actors to provide them with a revised and improved set of ATI indicators, including green and digital technologies, and a set of key performance indicators.

The platform will also include the meta-mapping of innovation support actors (follow up on CMISA and integrating the ATI mapping of

Technology Centres), for which IDEA Consult will be responsible. The meta-mapping will rely on cooperating EU initiatives and websites, such as the Digital Innovation Hubs, Enterprise Europe Network, European Cluster Collaboration Platform, but will also use innovative elements such as web scraping. The collected data will be used for recurring reports and ad-hoc analytical services.

In this project, analytical work will be performed to support the Industrial Forum in their understanding of common challenges and opportunities and across-the-board solutions for all industrial ecosystems. Areas for possible cross-border and cross-ecosystems collaboration will be identified, with the aim to unlock the potential of new value chains and innovation-driven ‘locomotives’ for the recovery. IDEA Consult will be responsible for six industrial ecosystems: Agri-food, Digital, Construction, Energy Intensive industries, Creative & Cultural industries, and Tourism.


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