Master plans for future-oriented research and education campuses

Master plans for future-oriented research and education campuses

Master plan Hogeschool PXL Hasselt

Hogeschool PXL is transforming and adapting to offer its community of students, teachers, staff and visitors a learning environment that inspires and challenges.  IDEA Consult supported 51N4E in drawing up a renewed master plan for the campus sites in Hasselt. Breakthrough PXL, as the master plan was named because of its operational character, translates the various challenges into a triangle of three ambitions: sustainable, accessible & connected, and learning to live. Sustainability is reflected in a circular development approach with maximum retention of the existing (partly) obsolete building stock, but also in a greater embedding of the school in its park environment. In terms of accessibility, a modal shift is advocated and a better connection with the city as a whole. In terms of learning life, the link with partners in the field of training and with the business world is further strengthened. The aim is to allow the existing campus to evolve into a green, compact, easily accessible and multifunctional environment that does justice to the college's innovative educational vision. IDEA Consult was responsible for the interpretation of market, financial and operational issues within this master plan, including possible subsidy channels. 

Study landscape Campus UZ Ghent

In cooperation with Value Partners, IDEA Consult supported UGent within the framework of the study landscape at the UZ Campus Ghent where the university wishes to realise a new project with a diverse education-related programme. As the auditoria, foyer and lecture halls are only used during specific periods and are consequently empty half of the time, it is an expensive investment that could be used more optimally. In a first phase, we talked to stakeholders and potential partners to find out whether external parties would be interested in using the facilities during free periods and contributing financially to the project. In a second phase, we investigated the possibilities of combining the study landscape with student housing to attract co-investors. Finally, we supported UGent with recommendations on the relevant investment formulas and business models to realise a project with different parties.

Science Park Leuven North

In August 2021, a study team consisting of ORG, Bureau Bas Smets, SWECO, Idea Consult and Metabolic started drawing up a development vision for the Leuven North railway platform. This was commissioned by the City of Leuven, KU Leuven and NMBS, with the aim of arriving at a coherent strategy to develop the railway plateau into a new science park. This science park is intended to become a new hotspot of innovation and economic activity in Flanders, and to consolidate Leuven's reputation as a centre of knowledge-intensive activity and innovation in Flanders. The master plan, which is currently in its final phase, will set out an integrated development strategy with a spatial and landscape framework, a mobility strategy, a financial model and concepts for sustainable energy supply and circularity. The Master Plan is being developed in consultation with a broad group of stakeholders: governments, administrations, landowners, civil society organisations and neighbouring companies. IDEA Consult supports the study team by drawing up the development strategy, analysing the financial feasibility and advising on possible subsidy channels.

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Lucien Kahane
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