Is the SME-Instrument delivering growth and market creation?

Is the SME-Instrument delivering growth and market creation?

IDEA Consult Experts were members of the Panel who conducted the very first assessment of the European Commission SME-Instrument (SME-I) Phase II awardees on behalf of EASME. With €3 billion available, the SME-I supports high-potential SMEs to develop ground-breaking innovative ideas for products, services or processes that are ready to face global market competition. It provides financial support in 2 phases as well as business support services and coaching. In total 70 Phase II projects were finalised since the beginning on the programme - up to the 1st of July 2017.

In the report "Is the SME-Instrument delivering growth and market creation?" our Experts assessed the contribution of the SME-I to the commercial success of each company having finalized its Phase II activities. Our experts used and aggregated quantitative data, gathered qualitative information, and scored the Phase II awardees according to an agreed criteria. The report also includes an in-depth understanding of the contribution and value added of the SME-Instrument explored through 8 case studies. We would like to thank the Founders and CEOs of Mosaicoon, Multiposting, Sword Health, ANF Development, Kiosked, Fractus, Zen Robotics and Xpand Biotechnology for sharing their insights and experience with us during the interviewing process.

The SME-Instrument is part of H2020, to date the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme. Apart from acting as an accelerator of the SME technology deployment process, the SME-Instrument is also a network enabler for companies to reach international markets.

Read the full report here

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