Inventory and analysis of SDG tools

Inventory and analysis of SDG tools

IDEA Consult and Route 2030 are collaborating on a commission from the Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FIDO) to create an inventory of SDG tools for awareness-raising and implementation of the SDGs, including structuring them in an orderly manner and identifying gaps. Starting points for this assignment are: Bring a representative sample of existing tools
The range of tools around the SDGs is fragmented and broad. The trick in this assignment is to make a representative selection of quality tools.

Creating a clear overview of tools
We classify the tools according to five dimensions in a clear excel list, which also makes gaps quickly visible.

'Leave no one behind' as a special focus
Agenda 2030 explicitly puts the 'Leave no one behind' principle at the forefront. We see this not only as a guiding principle within the assignment, but we wrote a separate research methodology to screen and disclose the tools accordingly.

Practical handling on the website and in the operation of FIDO in the future
We ensure that the overview of tools can be easily integrated into the FIDO website, so that everyone can find the tools in a user-friendly way and can start working with them.


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