Impact evaluation Interreg Flanders-Netherlands

Impact evaluation Interreg Flanders-Netherlands

In partnership with Ecorys, IDEA Consult carried out the impact assessment of the 2014-2020 Interreg V Flanders-Netherlands cross-border cooperation programme. Using a theory-based approach, IDEA Consult carefully considered the extent to which and the way in which the programme and its projects succeed in achieving the desired results. After a general analysis of the progress made in relation to the various specific objectives, we developed seven in-depth case studies in this context that provided more insight into how and to what extent the projects succeed in contributing to the desired results, thus generating an impact. This is especially apparent where innovation capacity and the strengthening of the cross-border innovative ecosystem are concerned. In terms of energy and resource efficiency, this is less the case because these projects contribute less directly to the large-scale adoption of new applications.


  • Flemish government

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