Imec's impact in Flanders continues to grow

Imec's impact in Flanders continues to grow

For the seventh time, IDEA Consult has been asked by the imec strategic research centre to map out the impact of its activities on the Flemish and Belgian economy. Meanwhile, the studies provide a unique insight into how imec has evolved over the past 15 years, up until the time of its merger with iMinds in 2016.

Where imec's impact in the 00s was mainly concentrated in its scientific-technological excellence and economic activities, in 2016 we can speak of imec having a much broader impact situated in four major domains: (i) scientific-technological, (ii) economic, (iii) catalytic and (iv) public interest.

Based on imec's company data, IDEA Consult calculated that its activities in 2016 resulted - directly and indirectly - in at least 7,500 jobs in the Belgian economy and that for every euro invested in imec by the Flemish government, more than 4 euros were returned to the government via taxes on created added value and employment Furthermore, an analysis of the ecosystem in which imec operates shows the increasing diversity of the roles that imec now fills, ranging from research partner for high-tech companies, incubator and financier of start-ups and growth companies, to advising policy and civil society organisations about new technologies as well as its role as science communicator to the general public.

The results of the impact measurement are an important source of information for imec's activity reports to stakeholders.


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