Identifying win-wins for resource efficiency and energy savings

Identifying win-wins for resource efficiency and energy savings

In a context of global warming, energy efficiency is now recognised as one of the main contributors to climate change mitigation. One of the ways to increase energy efficiency is by increasing resource efficiency. On behalf of the European Commission, DG Environment, IDEA Consult is conducting a study together with other partners to identify and estimate the potential of the most significant win-wins of energy savings through resource efficiency measures in various sectors and through innovative economic processes such as industrial symbiosis.

For the iron and steel industry, IDEA Consult estimated the potential energy savings that can be realised through an increase in secondary steelmaking and an uptake of best available technologies. For industrial symbiosis, the potential was estimated by calculating what would be the effect of upscaling promising industrial symbiosis cases. Other sectors covered in the study include waste management, water, road construction and buildings, urban transport, ICT and food. The full report will become available in the summer.


  • European Commission

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