IDEA will provide support to the Flemish Government on strategic issues in the coming years

IDEA will provide support to the Flemish Government on strategic issues in the coming years

IDEA is pleased to have been selected within the framework contract of the Flemish Government for strategic management.

Concretely, this means that in the years to come, IDEA will support various Flemish entities in making strategic decisions in interaction with stakeholders, embedding this strategy within the organisation and putting it into practice.

In the proposal submitted to the Flemish Government, IDEA has moved away from the somewhat mechanistic approach of strategic management because this often proves to be at odds with the complexity of the organisational reality.

Based on the scientific insights offered by the Strategy-as-Practice approach, Idea Consult views the strategic management process as a complex interplay of diverse strategic actors using diverse instruments or practices in a specific configuration. By focusing on the actors, the practices and the process, IDEA takes into account:

  • the social interaction that shapes each strategy. Strategy is determined by the interaction of all of the strategic actors/stakeholders;
  • the organisational reality. Strategic management processes fail when they are treated as 'one size fits all'.

The blueprint applied may be all-purpose, but its implementation should take the organisation's needs and strategic maturity into account.

For IDEA Consult, strategy is what an organisation "does" and not something that an organisation "has". We look forward to offering our support to the Flemish Government in this field.

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foto Bart Van Herck
Bart Van Herck
Senior Expert Regional & Urban Development / Managing Director


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