IDEA strengthens EU position on Technology Deployment

IDEA strengthens EU position on Technology Deployment

IDEA Consult and Fraunhofer ISI are leading the current (second version of) the study on Access of SMEs to KETs technological infrastructure (started mid-2016, expected to be finalised in end 2017). The objective of that study is to enable SMEs to get an easy overview on European technology infrastructure's services and facilities by improving and updating the existing inventory of related organizations. A further objective is to prepare the setting up of new collaboration networks of TIs in the field of KETs with one-stop shop access for SMEs.

IDEA Consult is carrying out an expert contract on behalf of the EC (DG Regio) on "Facilitating the co-financing of joint-demonstration projects". The aim of this contract is to further investigate possible funding mixes combining complementary private and public funds at regional and European level for industrial joint-demonstration projects. In particular the link between such projects with the Investment Plan (EIB/EFSI) will be further investigated. The expert contract is focusing on some investment cases identified by the Vanguard Initiative. However, the support process for these few cases should create the conditions for replicability to other cases, smart specialization areas or regions. IDEA will therefore report on the hampering factors and the conditions under which they could be alleviated and propose a methodology for setting-up this support process in discussion with the Vanguard Initiative and Commission services.


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