IDEA identifies success factors for the successful digital transformation in companies

IDEA identifies success factors for the successful digital transformation in companies

The digital revolution has continued unabated for years. This can be felt in the economy: organisations use digital technology to improve their operations. Nevertheless, they often respond in an overly reactive manner when it comes to the impact of digitisation on HR and human capital within the company. Numerous studies point to job creation and destruction, and evolutions in the area of knowledge and skills, but hardly consider the way in which organisations can organise themselves to be future-proof, also with regard to human capital within their company. Yet it is precisely this human capital that is unique to every organisation, which makes it an important source for achieving competitive advantage.

This study focuses on the question of how organisations can digitally transform with a focus on human capital. Through a literature study, a series of interviews and case studies with five organisations, we provide insight into the digital transformation process that companies are going through. We examine the driving forces, the process steps and the pitfalls experienced, challenges and success factors for successful digital transformation. However, the focus lies on the impact on human capital in companies, i.e. the way in which employees are involved in the process and the impact on the desired employee profiles, the tasks they perform and the managerial organisational structure and culture. This analysis also covers the HR policy and the use of data, as well as the role that the government and intermediary organisations can take on to accelerate digital transformation within companies. This analysis results in specific learning effects for businesses and in policy recommendations for the Flemish Government and intermediary organisations.

Read the full report here (in Dutch).

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