IDEA explores the economic potential of biomass from landscape management

IDEA explores the economic potential of biomass from landscape management

What is the economic potential of biomass from landscape management? IDEA Consult investigated this question for the Flemish Land Agency (VLM) on the basis of an in-depth analysis of some 20 (rural) projects with a view to technical and economic added value and feasibility of using biomass for various applications. The study was recently published by the VLM Economic potential of biomass residues from landscape management. Final report | (in Dutch)

The study shows that the revenues from biomass use can offset some of the costs of management, as well as provide benefits for the environment, biodiversity and landscape quality. It is a challenge, however, to assemble enough biomass that meets the required quality for the intended application. This requires a clearly thought-out chain organisation at local or regional level, involving both management actors, processing chains and end consumers.

The dynamics created and the growing awareness of sustainable and renewable raw materials create a favourable climate for continuing and scaling up existing initiatives on the use of biomass from landscape management, with the necessary public support. The study offers inspiration for future collaborations around biomass utilisation, the logistical organisation, and the realisation of high-quality applications within a sustainable earnings model.

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