IDEA Consult Hired 100.000 Fuzzy New Colleagues

IDEA Consult Hired 100.000 Fuzzy New Colleagues

In collaboration with Ukeepers and Noocity, we installed a beehive on our office rooftop in an effort to contribute to biodiversity in urban spaces and support the local bee populations. Pollinators play an absolutely crucial role in balancing ecosystems and tend to thrive in urban areas. We would like to learn from our new colleagues how these architects and system thinkers work in symbiosis with their environments. This constitutes another practical action we undertake in our SDG action plan in collaboration with CIFAL Flanders. IDEA Consult is dedicated to further improve our SDG footprint and more actions will follow soon!

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities ✔️ 
SDG 13: Climate Action ✔️ 
SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals ✔️ 

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foto Federico Bley
Federico Bley
Consultant Innovation, Competitiveness & Sustainability

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