Heritage Houses for Europe

Heritage Houses for Europe

More than 40% of European heritage houses belong to families. However, their contribution to European society has never been valued properly at European scale. A better understanding of the sector is crucial to unleash its potential. In this study, IDEA Consult mapped the multiple contributions that family-owned heritage houses generate, not merely through the conservation and maintenance of the houses, but also by generating cultural, economic, social, educational and environmental benefits that reach far beyond the physical boundaries of their properties. A number of illustrative practices highlight these rich socio-economic contributions of family-owned heritage houses.

Despite their contributions to society, family-owners are confronted with a number of challenges to safeguard their properties. In the study, the IDEA Consult research team provided a unique portrait of their distinctive and fragile position. This analysis showed that access to finance is an important challenge for many family-owners: in order to increase their awareness about the possibilities of EU funding, the IDEA Consult team developed an EU funding guide for family-owners of heritage houses.

Pro-active management and business model innovation is key to secure the future of family-owned heritage houses in Europe. This study provided an overview of existing business models of heritage houses: while some of them are innovative, most of them are not. Therefore, an Online Business Model Toolkit for family-owners was developed in the context of the project, in order to trigger further innovation.

Finally, the research team formulated a number of concrete policy recommendations for the European Commission and other stakeholders on how they can support the sustainability of the sector in Europe.

Check the project website to read more: https://www.europeanlandowners.org/heritage-houses-for-europe/

This study was a Preparatory Action of the European Parliament implemented by the European Commission (DG EAC) and granted to the consortium European Landowners’ Organisation (ELO), IDEA Consult and the European Historic Houses Association (EHHA).

arrow team members
foto Eveline Durinck
Eveline Durinck
Senior Consultant Competitiveness & Innovation
foto Michelle Accardo
Michelle Accardo
Senior Consultant Regional & Urban Development / Culture & Tourism

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