Get more out of subsidies with the IDEA subsidy team

Get more out of subsidies with the IDEA subsidy team

Last year we already reported on the launch of the online Subsidy Manager tool for local authorities in Flanders. Subsidy Manager became 100% operational at the beginning of 2021. The tool was developed together with Uitgeverij Vanden Broele and enables local authorities to monitor the national and international subsidy landscape. The tool also includes a simple project management system with automated reporting.

In the meantime, we are working hard to help local authorities set up a well thought-out subsidy policy and attract (more) subsidies. For this purpose we have critically examined our range of products and services and can now assist you in:

  • organising interactive subsidy workshops to familiarise employees in your organisation and administration with the endless subsidy possibilities;
  • carrying out subsidy scans to make an inventory of all subsidy possibilities tailored to a specific project, or your multi-year plan;
  • preparing subsidy applications to convert brilliant ideas into strong project proposals;
  • providing excellence in project management to develop synergies and deliver results;
  • setting up subsidy policy to help you define a sustainable and high-quality subsidy policy within your organisation.

In the meantime, the first projects have now been launched. For the Province of East Flanders, we evaluated ten of its subsidies. We also conducted subsidy scans for the municipalities of the intermunicipal company Dender-Durme-Schelde (DDS), followed by a project proposal for local climate action. It was a success: the proposal was fully approved by the Flemish Government.

Anneleen van Tendeloo is currently conducting a subsidy scan for the municipality of Lennik, screening the financing possibilities for the realisation of the municipal objectives. 

Finally, Björn Koopmans and Tristan de Jong are investigating the financing opportunities for the 240 plus companies that are members of the European Biobased Industry Consortium (BIC).

Anneleen joined the subsidy team in January, but has many years of experience with European subsidies. So it is no surprise that she is co-organising the webinar on the new European Programme period 2021-2027, for which more than 100 participants have now registered. This is our fourth webinar, after we already examined the EU City Facility (84 participants), local cycling policy (263 participants) and the SDGs (134 participants). Glenn Weyers has also now joined the IDEA Network as an expert on social economy, welfare and health and European projects. 

This means we are well on the way to becoming the leading subsidy expert for administrations in Flanders. Has this encouraged you to exchange ideas with one of our subsidy advisers, or are you interested in becoming a member of the IDEA subsidy network and advising local authorities? If so, please contact us at Or would you like to start working with the Subsidy Manager right away? Well, you can! Book a demo without any obligation.

arrow team members
foto Bart Van Herck
Bart Van Herck
Senior Expert Regional & Urban Development / Managing Director
foto Björn Koopmans
Björn Koopmans
Expert Regional Development & EU Projects
foto Katrijn Raeymaekers
Katrijn Raeymaekers
Senior consultant local development/guidance

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