Feasibility study on time banking in Belgium

Feasibility study on time banking in Belgium

In the government agreement that was published on 10 October 2014, the federal government emphasises a broad career policy with explicit attention to extending career length and promoting flexible working. One of the planned initiatives involves the concept of time banking: individually saving time and/or money into an account by the employee. This would make it possible to fund the account during labour intensive periods and use the saved amount to buy time when other activities apart from work become important. At the moment, IDEA Consult, together with experts from the KU Leuven, is carrying out a feasibility study on a system of time banking in Belgium. It is commissioned by the FOD WASO to address the discussion around making work more workable and flexible.

The current feasibility study assesses if a time banking system can be implemented in Belgium, and if so, in what way and within limits. Strategic as well as operational options are being reviewed. For example, it is being established how credit can be earned and taken out, if it should be transferable between companies and at what level (company, branch or inter-professional) this system is best organised. This feasibility study will provide the authorised bodies ex ante with the information that is needed to explore the possibilities and limits of the system from an economic, sociological and legal perspective.


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