Evaluation of the SuperBIO programme

Evaluation of the SuperBIO programme

The objective of this study is to evaluate the objectives, implementation and the effects of the SuperBIO project - an H2020 innovation project developed under the call “Cluster facilitated projects for new value chains” (Innosup 2015-1). SuperBIO was a business oriented project that ran between 2016 and 2018. Its main objective was to build “new, innovative, cross border and cross sectorial value chains in the biobased economy” (www.h2020-superbio.eu). The SuperBIO project offered 10 innovation services to SMEs and a co-funding scheme for up to a total of 60.000 euros where 75% was covered by the project and the rest was to be covered by the SMEs.

IDEA Consult developed a tailored evaluation framework and analysed the project´s efficiency and effectiveness. On the basis of the evaluation findings, IDEA Consult formulated recommendations for future innovation support programs, in particular in light of the large-scale demonstrator approach as defined by the European Commission.


  • European Commission

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