Evaluation Flanders Technology International

As one of the structural partners of the Flemish Government in science communication, Flanders Technology International (non-profit association) has an agreement with the Flemish Government. In the run-up of the renewal of the agreement by the end of 2018, IDEA Consult is evaluating the Flemish Government's investment in F.T.I for the 2014-2018 agreement period on behalf of the EWI Department. This evaluation involves on the one hand a punctual evaluation of F.T.I's activities (including the Technopolis center in Mechelen) and on the other hand a systemic evaluation of the role of F.T.I in the broader science communication and STEM landscape in Flanders. We also look ahead and make an ex-ante evaluation of the future plans of F.T.I for the period 2019-2023.

In addition to an extensive document analysis and interviews with stakeholders in Flanders, a benchmark analysis is carried out with three foreign science centers and two science communication networks. Based on the analysis, a SWOT is drawn up and recommendations are formulated to the Flemish government for drafting the new agreement.

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