Embedding sustainability in strategy through the SDGs

Embedding sustainability in strategy through the SDGs

Halfway through the legislature, many boards are taking stock. Others are already thinking about priorities for the next six years.

In both cases, the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs provide an excellent frame of reference.

The SDGs ensure balanced policies (development at the expense of... is not development), but they also allow prioritisation.

The SDG Pioneer Programme

The SDG Pioneer Programme is for boards that want to use the SDGs as a steppingstone in multi-year planning.

We provide pre-cut methodologies for each step in the policy cycle: the environment analysis, the objectives framework, the translation into actions, the follow-up of results and the communication of municipal ambitions. Within the learning network, you will also be inspired by fellow pioneers.

As a frontrunner, you will be rewarded. At the end of the process, the international SDG Pioneer certificate will follow in case of positive evaluation.

The guidance and framing of the programme is ensured by IDEA Consult and CIFAL Flanders.

SDG Monitor 2022 even more tailored to your municipality

The SDG Monitor 2022 is out, with new data on your municipality. The monitor portrays the position of all Flemish municipalities in relation to the 17 development goals. The municipal profile is now based on more than 200 indicators. Worth clicking through to see the evolution of your municipality. 

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