Develop your own SDG monitoring tool

Develop your own SDG monitoring tool

In setting out the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the United Nations created an ambitious international framework of common goals. While the SDGs are universal and global, their implementation is the responsibility of local players, such as the municipalities, companies, universities, associations and citizens.

Many municipalities have already made an important contribution to achieving these SDGs. A survey by the VVSG (Association of Flemish cities and municipalities) showed that 63% of all municipalities use the SDGs as a guideline for their multiannual planning. This transposition to the local level raises a lot of questions. How can we make the greatest difference, as a municipality, and for which specific SDGS? How do we monitor our SDG policy? What can we learn from other municipalities?

A learning tool that lends an insight into each of the 17 SDGs

IDEA has developed an interactive SDG tool that enables local authorities to track their sustainable development ambitions. This instrument gives you an idea of the status quo in your municipality, with a clear scoring system.

The tool is based on 60 indicators that are available for all municipalities. These include known data from the municipal monitor or the province in figures, as well as lesser known or less accessible data sets (the circular jobs monitor, BBC data, and others). This information was linked to specific goals within the UN framework and combined to calculate one score for each municipality. These scores were then statistically corrected for outliers and overlap between the various indicators. The robustness of this tool is now being tested with a number of municipalities.

An SDG index tailored to your municipality

Do you want to gain a better insight into your municipality’s SDG policy? Through a clear and interactive dashboard we highlight your municipality’s greatest assets and challenges. We can also tailor this tool to meet your needs. Contact us for more information. Also, we would be happy to drop by and give you a demo!


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