Corporate R&D&I activities across Global Value Chains

Corporate R&D&I activities across Global Value Chains

Central to this study is that corporate research, development and innovation activities are an integrated component of the corresponding Global Value Chain. Global Value Chains tend to optimise R&D&I activities and productivity based on some drivers and barriers. The configuration and organisation of the Global Value Chain will deeply influence the positioning of R&D&I activities within the Global Value Chain, as well as their location.

The aim of the study is to identify the geographical and organizational patterns of corporate R&D&I activities across GVCs and their interactions with home and host-countries' economies and policy initiatives. The focus is on the analysis of individual companies in selected sectors: Health (Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology, Health Care Equipment); Mobility (Automobiles & Parts, Airplanes, Public Transport) and ICT (Technology Hardware & Equipment, Electronic & Electrical Equipment, Software & Computer Services, Fixed Line Telecommunication). The results will provide a better understanding of the drivers and barriers to improving the location of high-value creation and knowledge-intensive activities in Europe and the competitive position of EU industry in strategic GVCs.


  • European Commission

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