Career paths and outcomes of STEM students

Career paths and outcomes of STEM students

For more than 10 years, technical profiles have been the main part of the bottleneck vacancies published by the Flemish public employment service. In order to make the efforts in the field of STEM pay and to meet the needs of the labour market, it is important that graduates from STEM studies find their way to STEM jobs. This research therefore focuses on the career paths and career outcomes for graduates, with special attention for STEM graduates from different educational levels.

In this study, we measure the match and mismatch with regard to STEM in Flanders and identify factors that determine career choices and career outcomes. This involves looking at factors that lead to mismatch as well as factors that make STEM jobs attractive (also for lateral entry in STEM professions from other specializations). The study also reveals which of these factors can be influenced by external parties (policy actors and other stakeholders), so they can develop effective and relevant actions wherever appropriate.

arrow team members
foto Miriam Van Hoed
Miriam Van Hoed
Senior Expert Innovation & Competitiveness
foto Kathy Goffin
Kathy Goffin
Senior Consultant Labour Market & Socio-Economic Policy

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