A new interregional funding mechanism for innovation

A new interregional funding mechanism for innovation

IDEA Consult designs a new interregional funding mechanism for innovation deployment on behalf of the Vanguard Initiative, to complement the financing of innovation at regional and European levels.

The Vanguard Initiative (VI) is an association of 37 EU-regions with a strong agenda towards industrial modernisation through innovation deployment. The initiative seeks to reinforce regional innovation ecosystems by aligning strategies and combining complementary assets in interregional innovation projects, with as ultimate goal the acceleration of industrial modernisation in Europe by speeding up the uptake of new technologies.

Over the past years there has been an increasing awareness that the Initiative should develop its own interregional funding mechanisms for its cross-border activities and projects, as supplement or complement to the existing regional and European funding instruments.

IDEA Consult has been selected to support the VI in designing solutions for interregional funding, with a focus on own regional instruments (including or not ERDF). IDEA Consult will conduct a detailed investigation of similar funding schemes in the regions (with a focus on instruments financing SME-led demonstration projects) and the operational conditions to better align them / mutually open them up / pool them into a truly interregional funding scheme. Synergies with EU-instruments are welcome but are not a pre-requisite: the analysis will be conducted regardless of EU instruments.

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