Territorial and Economic Development

Our territory represents the ladder of our lives. Who works there; who has fun there. It’s where you go to the doctor or to university. Frames are built in one location and are placed in an area of a large town 57 km away. How should these trajectories be organised for everyone living there so that they can establish a quality of life, irrespective of their starting point? That is at the heart of the question that IDEA addresses on a daily basis at all levels: regions, provinces, communities, communes, districts and finally the places themselves.

New situations transform the possible responses to these questions: environmental awareness, increase in the possibilities created by digitalisation, metropolisation of the economy and widening inequalities between the territories and within themselves.

A virtuous territory today is connected. It is qualitative on each of its points, focussing on natural breathing spaces and urban intensity, intimacy and access to its services. We are building operational pathways in order to create these conditions.

arrow team members
foto Loïc Géronnez
Loïc Géronnez
Senior Consultant Territorial Development & Real Estate
foto Hélène Guérard
Hélène Guérard
Senior Consultant Real Estate & Territorial Development

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