Human capital in science & innovation

Strong profiles as drivers for science and innovation

The new industrial revolution has led us to look differently towards our economy and innovation today. Our society is facing new technological, economic, ecological and demographic evolutions which bring along different challenges than we have known before.

Science and innovation take up a key role in finding the sustainable solutions to address these challenges. However, a shortage of educated and skilled people threatens to slow down these development. An important priority lies in identifying which profiles will be crucial for success in the future. Which skills and trainings are needed to reach and maintain a state-of-the-art science and innovation systems? In this, researcher profiles play an important role. How can we make research careers attractive? How do we foster knowledge transfer to better address the challenges faced by our industry and society?  More cooperation across disciplines and sectors, more possibilities for non-linear career paths and curricula, and a growing attention for valorisation of research are at the centre of this.

With a track record of studies in this field, both at Belgian and Flemish level and at European level, IDEA Consult is the right partner for policy makers to prepare for these current and future challenges.

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foto Miriam Van Hoed
Miriam Van Hoed
Senior Expert Innovation and Competitiveness

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