Renewable energy

Renewable energy sectors include wind, solar, marine and ocean energy, geothermal energy, as well as biomass and biofuels for transport. The benefits of renewable versus conventional energy sources include reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, the diversification of energy supply, energy independence as well as overall societal benefits including the creation of jobs and improved human health. Renewable energies are supported by an array of technologies such as smart grids, heat pumps, PV, CSP, among others, paving the way for new, clean and green business models and innovation across Europe.

IDEA Consult provides expert advice to a wide range of clients, including international governments and institutions, as well as federal, regional and local governments. Topics covered include smart grids, solar energy, marine renewable energy, bioenergy and sustainable buildings in the context of smart specialisation, as well as thermal storage, geothermal energy and green business models. Our capabilities include research and analysis, policy advice and strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment, as well as network management, stakeholder facilitations and consultations, conducting workshops, interviews and surveys.

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foto Daniela Kretz
Daniela Kretz
Senior Consultant Innovation, Competitiveness & Sustainability

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