Circular economy

In the move from a linear economy to a circular economy, rather than being destined for disposal, materials should maintain their utility and value and flow back into the cycle. Given limited capacity of landfills and their associated pollution problems, as well as the limited availability of raw materials, the move to a circular economy creates benefits through new market potential, job creation, as well as for the environment in which we live. The transition towards business that creates both monetary and environmental benefits has paved the way for the development of new business models focussing on increasing resource efficiency, ensuring that the value of products, materials and waste is maintained.

IDEA Consult provides policy advice and analyses in the area of circular economy to various authorities ranging from EU level to municipalities. IDEA’s strengths are its evidence-based analytical approach, in combination with seasoned skills in stakeholder consultations, surveys, interviews, workshops, as well as evaluations, impact assessments and reviews. Topics covered include industrial symbiosis, analyses of particular markets such as CDW, non-scrap metallic waste, rare earths, non-energy industrial raw materials and biowaste.

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foto Daniela Kretz
Daniela Kretz
Senior Consultant Innovation, Competitiveness & Sustainability

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