Green economy

Your expert in facing environmental and energy challenges

Current and past social, economic, political, environmental and technological changes such as population growth and accelerating technological development are highly interlinked with the natural environment. Consequences of imbalances include the depletion of resources, increasing environmental pollution and the degradation of ecosystems. In order to face these challenges, international, European, national and regional environmental policies play a vital role in steering towards a sustainable future.  

IDEA’s Green Economy experts provide policy and strategic development advice and completes research and analysis, monitoring, evaluations and impact assessments in the areas of circular economy, renewable energies, industrial symbiosis, resource efficiency, environmental technologies, biotechnology, energy efficiency and the bio-based economy.

Value chain analyses of environmental technologies, market studies, business modelling,horizon scanning and foresight approaches, scenario analyses, as well as executing expert panels and workshops and conducting economic and social impact assessments are among the methodologies applied in studies.

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