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greeneconomy1In November 2019, the European Commission-Von der Leyen launched the European Green Deal. This ambitious plan is not only comprehensive in its scope, but also far-reaching in its consequences. Among other things, it aims to make the EU the first carbon neutral economy by 2050 and to move towards a circular economy. It will be the overarching framework for every other policy area at least for the upcoming 10 years if not beyond. To fund its Green Deal, the Commission wants to mobilise over EUR 1 trillion. Public and private investments will play an important role, and new forms of blended funds are encouraged.

To support companies and individuals to valorise the opportunities of the European Green, IDEA Consult has set up a new service to develop projects and provide support in applying for funds. Furthermore, IDEA Consult’s expertise lies in applying a wide range of methodologies to projects in the fields of Circular Economy and Renewable Energy, two fields that are paramount to the Green Deal. We support government bodies, knowledge centres and private actors with policy and strategic development advice, research and analysis, monitoring, evaluations and impact assessments.

Moreover, we offer tailormade intelligence, support and solutions to

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Daniela Kretz
Senior Consultant Innovation, Competitiveness & Sustainability

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