Strategy & Organisation

A good policy starts with a strong strategy and clear objectives. Then we ask ourselves which organisation we require for their achievement, and which partnerships we will enter into. 

Below is a summary of the areas in which IDEA administrations have already been providing advice in previous years.


  • How do we arrive at a clear mission and vision for our organisation?
  • Which core tasks do we put our efforts into?
  • What do we do ourselves, what do we contract out?


  • What is the best organisation model to achieve our objectives?
  • How do we arrange our services? (counters, e-gov, backoffice, channels, ...)
  • How do we enhance ‘directing’? How do we differentiate our directing per policy area?
  • What about new insights such as flat organisation, self-managed teams, talent management, etc.?
  • How do we form a complementary tandem policy administration?

Management in partnership: cooperation and scale

  • Which partners do we need to obtain sustainable results? How do we involve our stakeholders?
  • Which aspects of our policy do we organise on an intermunicipal basis? How do we keep a hold on the intermunicipal ties?
  • Can a merger bring us advantages as a local authority? What are the disadvantages and preconditions?
  • How do we arrive at better inter-administrative cooperation (working in chains, area programmes, ...)?
  • How can participation and co-creation be given shape within our administration?
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foto Bart Van Herck
Bart Van Herck
Senior Expert Regional & Urban Development / Managing Director

Reference projects

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